Rider's Safety

Helmet: Buy a good one. Helmets come in all different kinds, shapes, sizes, and prices. In my opinion, the helmet is the most important safety product you can buy. So please buy one and wear it. Buy Snell or DOT Approved helmets.
Goggles: Eye protection is a good thing. Goggles help keep foreign objects from flying out of nowhere and taking out one of your eyes.
Elbow Pads: Save your skin and get a pair. The pads that are sleeved seem to stay in place better than the ones with just straps. Also the straps can cut off blood flow a bit and contribute to arm pump. What is arm pump you ask? It is when your arms get tired and weak and sometimes shake.
Knee Pads: Again save your skin. They can save you from a world of hurt if you crash or someone bangs into you on the track. If they go down your shin far enough, they might even save you from pipe burn if you wreck.
Gloves: If your hands get sweaty like mine do, you'll want a pair of gloves so you can hang on. Some gloves come with extra knuckle protection if you're prone to clanking your knuckles.
Boots with Ankle support: The ankle support is key here. It's very easy to turn and sprain or break an ankle. Steel toes are recommended as well.
Chest Protection: If you're racing in any form, a good chest or "roost" protector is recommended. You never know what is going to fly up and hit you square in the chest. This will also help in protecting your ribs and such when you crash. Yes, when you crash. If you ride long enough you will crash. Even the best riders in the world crash. It's not if it's when.
Riding Pants: These will save you some wear and tear on your jeans. They also provide some heavy duty fabric to protect you and some come with padding as well. You can get pants that tuck into your boots, or over the boot pants (sometimes called freestyle pants). There are also pants that can be zipped off to make shorts and there are also just riding shorts. Depending how hot it is where you ride, you might want to consider pants that are vented to let air in when you ride.

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